Get to Know Us and Our Journey

Challenges are inevitable and we choose to embrace them. 

Notice to Customers

Due to the expiration of our lease, the cafe in Richmond was closed on July 25, 2016. We will continue to search for a suitable location to reopen the cafe.

Meanwhile, customers can contact us via our website ( if they want to continue to order our cakes. Any new updates will be published on our website and FaceBook page (


What makes Yavis Club Cheesecake special

YAVIS stands for "young, attractive, verbal, intelligent and successful".

Established since 2007, we have striven for our niche in making specialty cheesecakes that are unique in taste and trendy in style. Creativity is the cornerstone of our success, and it continuously drives us to explore new ingredients and baking methods.

Taking the advantage of living in a multicultural society, we are often inspired to incorporate elements from other cultures into our products.


Our cafe in Richmond

We established a dessert cafe in the city of Richmond. It is a cozy gathering place for dessert tasting.

Shop Front

The design of the signage and door entrance is intended to leave an impression to customers who walk in our cafe the first time.




Red Wall

The red wall is to light up the warmness of the cafe and the color red signifies the passion for life in our design.




Black and White Colour Scheme

"Black" and "white" represent different moments in life that filled with failures and disappointments, as well as successes and achievements. The cafe is a gathering place where people can share those moments with their dearest friends.




Butterfly Clock

The butterflies flying away out from the clock signifies the passing of time and the design can be literally read as - "time files". 




Flying Petals

The flying petals represent the wonders of nature.