New York Cheesecake

Even though the New York cheesecake is a classic pastry, we believe it can still be trendy by refreshed with inspirations. Our cheesecakes are light in sweetness, smooth in texture and rich in taste.

White Romance



Green Tea


"White Romance" Original

We were inspired by the phrase "simple is the best" when we needed to choose one to be the signature of our New York cheesecake. Therefore, we picked the most basic plain cake. After years of effort, it has become the most popular customer choice and truly the signature.

To make it memorable, we gave it a romantic name - "white romance".

Mini New York Cheesecake

These are the bite-size cakes and they are a perfect choice for party gathering or small presents. 


NY comb1

NY blueberry

 Selection of Flavours

We regularly update the list of flavours and it is an ongoing effort to keep up with the market trend and maintain customer satisfaction.

White Romance OriginalBlueberryLevender
Matcha Green TeaChocolateHazelnut Cocoa
Earl Grey