Sago Pudding

This is one of our top items. It is a very popular dessert in Asia with many varieties. Our style of Sago Pudding consists of tapioca bean, coconut milk custard and crispy butter pastry on top. It is freshly baked at the time of order. 



Chocolate Lava Cake

The hot running melted chocolate is always irresistible for chocolate lovers. This is a very popular dessert in fine dinning restaurants and we are a convenient alternative where people can fulfill their craving.  

Lava cake

Creme Brulee

This classic dessert is one of the lady's favourite at Yavis Club.



Creme Caramel

This is another classic dessert and a variation of creme brulee. 


Green Tea Gelato Cup

The combination of matcha green tea ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream, red bean, frosted flakes, and jello brings you the perfect taste of summer. 



Mango Gelato Cup

Don't like Matcha? No Worries. We have another tropical flavor for you, mango gelato cup. It is nicely mixed with different berries and dry nuts. 

Mango Cup

Mango Pudding

This is another popular Asian style dessert and a perfect choice for a light dessert in summer.

Mango Pudding