Succeed together with Partners

We help our partners to achieve their goals.

To broaden our customer base and serve a larger geographic area of the Greater Vancouver, we constantly seek the opportunities to establish partnership with other businesses. 

Why Partner with Yavis Club

We are the only business in the Greater Vancouver solely focuses on making specialty cheesecakes. Established since 2007, our brand and products have been well accepted by the market and praised by the customers.

By incorporating our products, the partners can not only enrich their product selections, but also focus on developing their core business and achieve their business goals.  

Prospects for Partnership

We are willing to establish partnership with different type of business to develop mutual benefits. The prospects we are seeking are not limited to the list below.

Restaurant, Desserts Cafe and Coffee Shop

We look at other restaurants, desserts cafes and coffee shops as partners instead of competitors. As a partner, we can supply them the quality proven products and allow them to focus on their core business.

Bakery Retail, Supermarket and Neighbourhood Store

A well established supply-and-resell partnership will provide solid mutual benefits to both parties and help to build a successful business.  

Event Organizers

We are a trustworthy choice for event organizers such as wedding planners, fundraisers and trade show organizers who look for suppliers that can provide them unique sweet products to delight their guests.